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100% Banana Silk Velvet

Information about the 100% Banana Silk Velvet collection

Presenting Velvet, our exquisite collection crafted from luxurious banana silk—a sustainable fiber derived from the wood pulp of the banana plant. Known for its eco-friendly nature, this collection combines environmental consciousness with sheer luxury and impeccable appearance. Experience the unparalleled softness of Velvet, as it evokes the sensation of the softest velvets, enveloping your space in elegance and comfort. Each rug in this collection is meticulously handcrafted to perfection, showcasing the natural luster and texture of banana silk. Elevate your interior with the opulence and eco-friendly beauty of Velvet, and indulge in a truly exceptional sensory experience.




14 mm


170x230 - 200x300 - 240x340

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Composition / Herstellungsverfahren / Productie methode / Composition Handwoven
Size / Große/ Maat/ Taille 170×230 – 200×300 – 240×340
Pile material / Polmaterial / Poolmateriaal / Composition du velours 100% Banana Silk
Secondary backing / Beschichtung / Rug / Dossier Cotton Cloth
Pile height / Polhöhe / Poolhoogte / Hauteur du velours ca. 10 mm
Total height / Gesamthöhe / Totaal hoogte / Epaisseur totale ca. 14 mm
Pile weight / Polgewicht / Poolgewicht / Poids du velours ca. 4200 g / m2
Total weight / Gesamtgewicht / Totaal gewicht / Poids total ca. 5500 g / m2
  • Pure luxury with handwoven craftsmanship.
  • Versatile and sustainable option
  • Clean appearance enhances the aesthetic of any room.
  • Anti-static properties for added comfort.
  • Soft texture provides a luxurious underfoot feel.
  • Colour from carpet may differ from sample
  • Professional installation with underlay is recommended

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