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Information about the Santana collection

Santana is an exquisite collection of sisal carpets that showcases a finer woven carpet with a captivating diagonal weave structure. Combining natural beauty with refined craftsmanship, Santana brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to your interior. Crafted from high-quality sisal fibers, these carpets offer exceptional durability and strength, making them ideal for both residential and commercial spaces. The diagonal weave structure of Santana adds a dynamic and visually striking element to your floors, creating a sense of movement and depth. Available in a range of luxurious colors, Santana allows you to customize your space with a touch of timeless style. Elevate your interior with the exceptional beauty and enduring quality of Santana.




7.5 mm


400 cm

Composition / Herstellungsverfahren / Productie methode / Composition Woven
Width / Breite / Breedte / Largeur 4 mtr
Pile material / Polmaterial / Poolmateriaal / Composition du velours 100% Sisal
Secondary backing / Beschichtung / Rug / Dossier Natural Latex
Pile height / Polhöhe / Poolhoogte / Hauteur du velours ca. 6.5 mm
Total height / Gesamthöhe / Totaal hoogte / Epaisseur totale ca. 7.5 mm
Pile weight / Polgewicht / Poolgewicht / Poids du velours ca. 1470 g / m2
Total weight / Gesamtgewicht / Totaal gewicht / Poids total ca. 2120 g / m2
User rating / Nutzung / Gebruiksclassificatie / Classification Medium Domestic / Medium Commercial
Comfort rating / Komfort / Comfortklasse / Niveau de confort LC 1
Anti static / Antistatisch / Electrostatisch gedrag / Antistatique Anti static
Colour fastness / Echtheid der farben / Lichtechtheid / Solidite de la couleur 5
TOG rating / Fusbodenheizung / Thermische weerstand / Resistance thermique 0.68
Flammability / Brennverhalten / Brandgedrag / Classement au Feu Dfl-s1
Stairs / Treppen / Geschiktheid voor trappen / Escaliers Yes
Bespoke available / Maßschnitt Maatwerk beschikbaar  Sur mesure No
  • Pure luxury with handwoven craftsmanship.
  • Versatile and sustainable option
  • Great option for high traffic areas.
  • Clean appearance enhances the aesthetic of any room.
  • Available in customizable sizes up to 500 cm width.
  • Anti-static properties for added comfort.
  • Suitable for covering stairs, adding elegance to every step.
  • Colour from carpet may differ from sample
  • Professional installation with underlay is recommended


For high quality natural luxury carpets and rugs, ITC have a beautiful selection to choose from. We have different types of naturally woven luxury rugs and carpets, which have been made from a variety of fibres including; Sisal, Coir, 100% New Zealand wool carpets, Silk, Viscose, Banana fibre and Bamboo fibre.

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